Best LGBT places to meet Transgender people in Leeds

Finding someone who shares the same orientation and beliefs is key to a sustainable interaction. Leeds is a city where you can visit many lively places and LGBT bars to have a great time. However, sometimes, you can also use reliable dating sites, particularly if you are a shy person.

These dating sites have features which allow you to see people for mature relationships and one-night stands. Leeds is a great place for the LGBT community because it embraces equality and diversity.

Where to meet transgender in Leeds ?

When you are new to a city, your first objective is to find a safe place to interact with people. For people who want a good relationship with the same sex, there are trendy places where they can meet transsexuals.

As a shy person, it’s ideal to also use dating sites to get partners for true love. When searching for a LGBT-friendly city that doesn’t discriminate on status, Leeds is a good example. The merits and advantages of going to this city are numerous.

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Top LGBT Places to Meet Transsexual in Leeds

Blayd’s Bar

Blayd’s Bar is located in a quiet place in Leeds. It offers its customers good music, delicious meals and exotic meals. They don’t accept taking away, and it is a conclave of LGBT in the city.

3–7 Blades Yard, Leeds LS1 4AD, United Kingdom

Viaduct Showbar

Viaduct Showbar is a glam bar which is home to LGBT groups in the City. There is a stage for live shows, cabaret performances and bands from every part of the country.

11 Lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6ER, United Kingdom

Queens Court Leeds

Queens Court is a pub which offers Nightclub services. You can find many gay strippers, musicians and artists. Their cocktails and barbecue are nice and affordable.

167 lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LY, United Kingdom

Flamingos coffee house

If you are looking for a good bar to hang out in Leeds, Flamingos coffee house is a great choice. This is a home to many queers, gays and lesbians. In the evening, you will enjoy their live performances and music.

Central Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6DX, United Kingdom

Viaduct Showbar

The viaduct is a lively bar where you can relax and be comfortable. There are several mature LGBT people there who are ready to mingle. You can drive and eat in, however, they don’t do home deliveries.

11 Lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6ER, United Kingdom

Clay: Centre for live art Yorkshire

Clay is a good bar that provides many services. You can come early to enjoy their meals or stroll in the evening where you can find many interesting people to talk to.

1 Clay 2 regent St, Leeds, LS2 7QA, United Kingdom

The New Penny

This is a gay bar where you are served local cuisines and entertained with drinks. Their music is diverse and is a cool spot in Leeds.

57–59 call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT, United Kingdom


Fiber is an LGBT bar with patio settings and a large courtyard. You can get cheap drinks and their in-house DJ will serve you the best in European music.

168 Lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LY, United Kingdom

Wharf Chambers

This is a trendy gay bar in Central Leeds with lots of good services. You could enjoy their meals and use their free Wi-Fi.

23–25 Wharf St, Leeds, LS2 7EQ, United Kingdom

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

Moving to a new city that you aren’t familiar with can cause some emptiness if you don’t find people to talk to. Going out, however, can solve this problem because you can visit bars, clubs and restaurants where you will be able to meet interesting and mature people.

However, introverts and shy people might not be comfortable going out. Those in this category can use reliable dating sites when they need to connect with people.

Why is Leeds a welcoming place for the LGBT community ?

Leeds is an interesting city with loads of nice places where you can have fun and enjoy yourself. The LGBT life in this city is great because there is equality and inclusiveness amongst the locals. The people in this city are easygoing and can be fun to interact with.

You are sure to meet many LGBT groups in the city because there are intentional events and festivals where gays and transgenders are promoted. In addition, nightlife in Leeds is great as you will find places to drink, eat and have fun till the morning.

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