Best LGBT places to meet Transgender people in Seattle

Seattle is a very diverse and secure city where you can live. It boasts of many bubbling transgender places where people of different sexual orientations come together. If you want a mature relationship, love or just an encounter with the LBGT community, it is a sure place to visit.

Shy and quiet people seeking transgender women can use several credible dating sites. These dating platforms allow them to interact with people easily.

Where to meet transgender in Seattle?

Seattle is a city surrounded by mountains, vegetation and water. This is a good destination where you can see lovable transgender women who are ready for a serious relationship. You can find several trendy gay and transsexual bars in Seattle. These avenues offer visitors some features which include pop music, free Wi-Fi, and adequate fun.

For shy people, they can visit in the evening so that they can find people to talk to. Another option is using recommended dating sites.

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Top LGBT Places to Meet Transsexual in Seattle

Neighbours Nightclub and Lounge

If you are searching for a popular gay bar and lounge in Seattle, your first call should be Neighbours Nightclub. They have good drinks and an in-house DJ.

1509 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


This is a dating bar in Seattle with lots of attractions. They provide great music and organize gay concerts. For those who are interested, there is a VIP section available. The meals and drinks in this bar are cheap and you can pay using cash.

1518 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Union Seattle

You can find Union Seattle in a secure location in the state. It’s a bar where you can talk and chat with same-sex people. On weekends, their club offers overnight parties for everybody.

Address:1009 E Union St Suite C, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


This beautiful transsexual bar is located in Central Seattle. Their barmen and servers are very polite and orderly. It’s a good place to seek mature gay and lesbian love.

1021 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Cc Attle’s

You can visit this LBGT bar if you are looking for a place to relax and mingle with mature people. You get to meet artists, musicians and people who are serious. Likewise, you can buy drinks and tasty meals.

1701 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102, United States


A very lively lesbian and gay lounge North of Seattle. There are lots of ladyboys, queers and transgender. You will find various games, like billiard tables and board games.

1809 minor Ave #10, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Q Nightclub

A great club where you can easily drive in and order food. There is a great DJ and a professional bar tender. They are open by 10:00 am and close around 4:30 am.

1426 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


Pony is another place where you can meet transgender people. Their services are great and you can pay via several payment options. Weekends remain the best time to come as the place is usually packed.

1221 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Seattle Eagle

Seattle Eagle is a pretty new LBGT bar in Seattle. Here you get the best pop songs, city music and live bands. You can easily find people for love here.

314 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States


Unicorn is a quiet gay bar around Seattle where you can find mature people to interact with. They offer their customers tasty meals and a parking lot.

1118 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

The Lumber Yard bar

This is one of the oldest bars in Seattle. Customers in this bar and diverse and people of different sexual orientations visit daily. A pretty decent place to find true LBGT love.

9630 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106, United States

Crescent lounge

One of the best places you can visit in Seattle when seeking gay love. The drinks are nice and you can stay outside if the noise is too much for you.

1413 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Madison pub

Madison pub is a small but lively transsexual bar. This place is home to many mature LBGT people in Seattle. You can drive in and meet many people.

1315 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

The Baltic Room

This bar is popular among locals and the LBGT community. They openly promote same-sex gender and matchmaking. You can eat, drink and party all night.

1207 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

The Cuff Complex

The cuff complex is a bar that’s known for its great entertainment services. If you want trendy gay places that are safe and secure, this is the place. Regularly, ladyboys, cross-dressers, and gays come to this place.

1533 13th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Changes in Wallingford

A trendy and lively gay bar is one of the best places you can visit when bored. There is no discrimination and it offers visitors great music.

2103 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

Everyone deserves to be loved and find someone that matches them emotionally and sexually. For gays, transgender, queers and other members of the LGBTQ, finding that special one is important.

Moreover, shy people are always handicapped by their behavioral traits, therefore they resort to dating sites. There are other avenues which shy gay people can use in Seattle, they include joining LBGT communities and groups and dating platforms.

While going out is the best way to meet people, shy people can find it difficult. Dating sites are reliable, discreet and more accessible. They provide you with the opportunity to interact with others for mature relationships.

Why is Seattle a welcoming place for the LGBT community?

Seattle has always been a friendly city where many people can stay without fear. It is one of the places in the world, where members of the LGBT community are welcomed.

The locals are nice and don’t discriminate. They believe in the rights of everybody, so, gays and other LGBT members are free to move around. The city has many NGOs that promote the cause of gay and all forms of inequality.

Seattle is home to all and one of the peaceful cities you could visit. You don’t need to hide your sexuality because there are many places it is visible. You can find many bars, clubs and lounges where they organize gay parties and sites.

Also, Seattle citizens are accommodating. They welcome everyone irrespective of nationality, race and sexual orientation.

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