Best LGBT places to meet Transgender people in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the best cities you can find gays, transgender, and other same-sex. This is a quiet city with trendy gay bars and transgender lounges. This is great for outgoing transsexuals who want a place to hang out and chill with others. Birmingham is a place where LGBT people are welcome without discrimination.

Where to meet transgender in Birmingham ?

Meeting a transgender in Birmingham can be an excellent option if you know the best place to look. You can find numerous lively gay bars and clubs which are open to everybody. These places offer good music and tasty meals. You can also decide to use recommended dating sites. Birmingham is a nice place where gays and transgender women are for one-night stands.

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Top LGBT Places to Meet Transsexual in Birmingham

Nightingale Club

This is a traditional gay nightclub which has a huge sitting capacity. You can get good meals, coffee, and their parking staff are impressive. Their DJ plays great music and their stewards are polite.

18 Kent St, Birmingham B5 6RD United Kingdom

The Village Inn

The Village Inn is a dynamic gay bar which offers many live events. They provide live cabaret shows, dance nights and strip nights. You can buy some snacks, have alcoholic drinks, and play blue music.

152 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 6RD, United Kingdom


This place offers visitors a serene environment where they can hang out in the evening. This venue has barbecued fish, grilled fish and whiskey. Twice-weekly, you can enjoy live gay bars.

125–131 Hurst Street, B5 6SE, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Missing bar

One of Birmingham’s lively gay bars with many side attractions. You will get to see themed nights with many people dancing. There are also drag shows, and you get to enjoy special drinks. A very strong Wi-Fi and an experienced bar tender are available as well.

48 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham B5 6NU, United Kingdom

Chic Nightclub

This is an exclusive place where you can meet mature gay people for love. It’s known for its affordable meals and its quietness. They open around 5 pm and close late in the morning.

28 Horse Fair, Birmingham, B1 1DD, United Kingdom

The Fountain Inn

A quiet pub which features many gay-related events. You will find a men-only room and a beer garden. You can also get cheap rooms with free Wi-Fi. Drinks are available, ranging from whiskey to coffee.

102 Wrentham St, Birmingham B5 6QL, United Kingdom


A LGBT bar with spirits and man beers. You can dine in and order a takeaway. Their two DJs are very good and offer customers blues and country music.

27–35 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 48D, United Kingdom

The Wellington

A cozy pub with Real ales and ciders. You will notice some patio decking and a big parking space. In the evening, you can find many LGBT people who want someone to talk with.

37 Bennett Hill, Birmingham B2 5SN, United Kingdom

Equator Bar Birmingham

Equator bar is one of Birmingham’s oldest gay bars. They have a space outside where you can relax and get fresh air. At Equator Bar Birmingham, they serve brunch and dinner. They don’t offer takeaways and they only accept cash.

123 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 6SE, United Kingdom

Boltz Club

The Boltz club is a cool place where you can hang out after a hard day’s work. You can go with someone or meet interesting people to discuss with. You will find many gays and transgenders in this place.

Kent St, lower Essex St, Birmingham B5 6RD, United Kingdom

The Fox

The fox is a popular hangout for the LGBT community in the city. It has a dedicated poolroom that hosts karaoke night and DJs. They don’t offer takeaways and home delivery.

17 Lower Essex St, Birmingham B5 6SN, United States

The Loft

This is a modest British-styled gay bar. You will get burgers and classic fare. A very stylish restaurant with cocktails and dance hall.

143 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham, B5 6RD, United Kingdom

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

When you are in a new environment, you need to move about to meet new people. Whether you are seeking partners for long-term relationship, you need to visit some trendy places.

When searching for those kinds of places around Birmingham, you need to check their services. Knowing how receptive they are to LGBT people is also important. For shy people, this might be difficult. They need to find an avenue that suits them. Dating sites are the best choices for shy people to find a transgender woman for love.

Why is Birmingham a welcoming place for the LGBT community?

Birmingham is a friendly city which is known for its hospitality. The locals are quite nice and are receptive to everybody. There are very few cases of crime, making it one of the safest places in the country. They celebrate LGBT events and there are several LGBT communities in the city.

You can easily make friends with locals and their living conditions are quite affordable. Drinks, meals and transportation are on the low side and as a LGBT member, you can visit anywhere you wish.

The LGBT community in the city is very strong and they regularly promote inclusiveness and equality. The social amenities make it a good place to live and you can get some great accommodations. Road networks are good and you can find trendy bars easily.

Birmingham is a quiet place, however, there are many places where you can hang out with friends and catch up. Moreover, there are good and secure places to find mature transsexuals for one-night stands and love purposes.

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