Best LGBT places to meet Transgender people in Edinburgh

In different places across the globe, a lot of people have particular sexual orientations and perceptions. In Edinburgh, the LGBT community accommodates these various views. They also offer avenues where long-lasting and loving relationships can be built.

There are so many classy and beautiful places you can meet lesbians, queer, gays or transgender in Edinburgh. So, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there is always a platform for connection. However, shy people can try online dating sites because they have remarkable features and privacy options.

Where to meet transgender in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a friendly and warm city that has a lot of fancy and trendy LGBT scenes and places. Ranging from comfy pubs, cozy bars, bustling nightclubs, cocktail hubs and DJ concert nights, it has so many hangouts for transgender people.

For people who are shy, Edinburg has safe places where you can find people for a one-night stand and relationship. To make things easier, using dating sites is recommended. Edinburg receives all LGBTs looking for a buzzing and bubbling city to have fun.

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Top LGBT Places to Meet Transsexual in Edinburgh

The Regent

The Regent is a nice and beautiful hangout bar. It has local ales, colorful sofas, and a comfy atmosphere where you can meet people.

2, Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5D, Scotland, United Kingdom

Planet Bar and Kitchen

This is the one of the longest opening bars in Edinburg. You can enjoy their cozy delicacies and buzzing music at Planet Bar and Kitchen. This place is mostly known for long daily entertainment activities.

6, Baxter’s PI, Edinburg, EHI 3AF, Scotland, United Kingdom

Bramble Bar and Lounge

This place is known as a great cocktail bar in Edinburg. You can listen to a couple of LGBT anthems in a rustic setting and cool atmosphere.

16A Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 IJE, Scotland, United Kingdom

Sneaky Pete’s

This is one bustling and bubbling live music and dance club. At Sneaky Pete’s, you will get to experience live music and dance excitingly.

73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 IJW, Scotland, United Kingdom

Paradise Palms

This is a home for LGBT veggies. If you are specific on the kind of meals the bar serves, Paradise Palms is the place to be. It has a creative space for cocktails, dinners and vegetarian food.


41 Lothian Street, EHI IHB, Edinburg, Scotland, United Kingdom

Victoria Bar

Victoria bar is a classy bar with contemporary DJs for booming LGBT friendly music. It is a trendy place to relax. It is notably described as the place Edinburg and Leith meets.

265 Leith walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8PD, Scotland, United Kingdom


This is one LGBT place where you can get amazing food and drinks. A great place for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner hangouts.

125 George Street, Edinburg, EH2 $JN, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cc Blooms

This is a comfy hangout for drinks, cocktail parties and food. It is a classy place to enjoy yourself with real ale and listen to nice music.

23–24 Greenside Place, Edinburgh, CEHI 3AA, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cafe Habana

This is a lively LGBT hangover with amazing disco balls, modern setting and beautiful lightening. At Cafe Habana, they provide pop music and karaoke.

22 Greenside PI, Edinburgh EHI 3AA, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Street

This place is strategically located at a corner of the pink triangle. This makes it an attractive place for people to meet and relax at night within a bustling atmosphere.

2b Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EHI 3JT, Scotland, United Kingdom

Going out is a way to meet people not always easy for shy people

Going out still remains a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends. It is interesting to interact with other people in our environment who share the same perceptions and views as we do. People who are shy find this difficult because they feel more comfortable being alone. They usually find peace and feel more comfortable using online dating sites to meet new friends and people for romantic relationships.

Why Is Edinburgh a welcoming place for the LGBT Community?

Edinburgh is a peaceful and friendly city that accommodates everyone, age, or sexual perception. It is one of the LGBT safe places around, so, you do not have any fear when moving around Edinburgh.

Members of the LGBT community are free to visit trans lounges, bars, or nightclubs and can have any conversation with anyone at any time and any day. Also, transgender people do not have any worries about coming to Edinburgh because they have the full support of the locals.

There is usually no discrimination or cases of violation of the rights of LGBTs because of their sexual orientation. Edinburgh is a strong advocate of freedom and equality since the approval of same-sex marriage in 2014.

Furthermore, it has a place called the pink triangle—a symbol of LGBT identity. It is one of the tourist sites for gay travelers. The all-night parties of the pink triangle are beautiful experiences you would not want to miss. You can also find creative designs, art galleries, and memorable pictures for you to have fun.

Edinburgh’s fascinating sites will always make you feel lively and relaxed at all times. Therefore, it has a lot of friendly hang-over places for the LGBT community.

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