Best LGBT places to meet Transgender people in Lisbon

Lisbon is a great city where people from all walks of life come to visit due to the benefits offered by the city. Lisbon has many places where you can meet transgender for love, sex, and romance. If you are seeking an easy avenue to find a transsexual woman in Lisbon, you have come to the right city.

Where to meet transgender in Lisbon ?

You can find many transsexuals, transgender and other members of the third sex in Lisbon. Finding true love, one-night stands and romance in this city is easy, however, you have to know the right places to go. You should search for places that provide excellent facilities, parties, and a good atmosphere where you can meet the LGBT members.

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Top LGBT Places to Meet Transsexual in Lisbon

Finalmente Club

This gay club is a good place where you can enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon. Finalmente offers good drinks, music, and barbecue for all customers. You can find all members of the third sex from 1 pm.

R. Da Palmeira 38, 1200-313, Lisbon, Portugal

Bar Tr3S Lisbon

When seeking a quiet bar that provides customers with the right atmosphere to wine and dines in, Bar Tr3S is a great choice. You can go to this bar during the weekend for happy hours and gay parties.

R. Ruben A. Leităo 2A, 1200-393, Lisbon, Portugal


Purex Bar offers an ideal atmosphere for anyone seeking love and romance in Lisbon. You can meet black transgenders, cross-dressers, and all members of the third sex. There is a parking space and free Wi-Fi for early visitors.

1200 241, R. Das Salgaderiras 28, Lisbon, Portugal


Trumps is one of the places where you can find a transgender woman in Lisbon. It has a good interior, patio, and VIP section. It is lively during the evening and you can find pretty gays to have fun with.

R. Da Imprensa Nacional 104B, 1250-127, Lisbon, Portugal

Wood X

Wood X is another top place you can visit when seeking a lively place to have fun in Lisbon. It is located in a quiet place in the city center and has many drinks and meals for customers. There are many LGBT events organized at this bar for their customers.

R. Manuel Bernardes 2B, 1200-252, Lisbon, Portugal

Drag Taste

Drag Taste is one of the oldest gay bars in Lisbon. It has been an enclave of LGBT people around the city. The place bubbles to life from 4 pm till the next morning. You can get scotch and brandy drinks and affordable meals at this place.

Rua Do Grilo 113,1950-145 Lisbon, Portugal

Gay Bar 106

This is an LGBT bar situated along Lisbon Beach. There is no boring time and this place as you will enjoy the music from the DJs and live bands. There are happy hours, nightclubs, and karaoke dances.

R. De Săo Marçal 106 108, 1200-422, Lisbon, Portugal


One of the best gay nightclubs you should visit in Lisbon is Luxfrágil. The interiors are nice, they have friendly servers and their services are cheap. From Friday to Sunday, there are special nights when LGBT from all over the city come together. You can meet the love of your life or a sex partner at this iconic bar.

Av. Infante D. Henrique a Sta Apolónia Cais da Pedra Armazèm A, A 1950-376 Lisbon, Portugal

Portas Largas

If you are bored in Lisbon and need somewhere to have fun, this bar is a great destination. It is also a good place to dine in, have a drink, and meet a transsexual woman of your choice.

R. Da Atalaia 105,1200-038 Lisbon, Portugal

Shelter Bar Lisbon

Shelter Bar offers visitors an amazing experience and service which you won’t forget in a hurry. Their staff is friendly and you will meet members of the third sex every day. People who come to this location are mature transgenders who are ready for sex and romance.

R. Da Palmeira 43 A, 1200-312, Lisbon, Portugal

Drako is a club and a sex shop combined. This place is nice of offers adult services for members of the LGBTQ. If you love the Pride movement, this is the place to visit.

R. Nogueira e Sousa 11, 1150-211, Lisbon, Portugal


Another LGBT bar you could visit in this city is Construction Lisbon. While it isn’t well-known like others, it offers some excellent services. If you are seeking true love, romance, and nightstands in Lisbon, this is the place to be.

R. Cecilio De Sousa de 70,12000-101, Lisbon, Portugal

XXL Lisboa Club

This is a beautiful gay club in Lisbon which is home to LGBT community. The interiors are nice and there are regular pride events organized in the place. It has a large parking spot and two in-house DJs.

Calçada do Tijolo 8, 1200-408, Lisbon, Portugal

Bairrus Bodega

Bairru’s Bodega offers Lisbon residents a good time to enjoy their time. The patio settings are nice, it has a VIP setting and they are parties hosted regularly.

R. Da Barroca 3,1200-047 Lisbon, Portugal

Bar Cru

Bar Cru is an exotic place transgender in Lisbon will love. There are beautiful and mature women in this place. Food and drinks are cheap, and the decor is excellent.

R. De São Marçal 179,1200-423 Lisbon, Portugal

Going out is a way to meet people, but not always easy for shy people

Solitude is not an option if you want to enjoy life, that’s why it’s important to always mingle with others. Meeting transsexual women for love, sex, and romance isn’t easy. However, when you use the right avenue, it can be simpler. Quiet people should consider using reliable dating sites which can help them find true love quickly and efficiently.

Why is Lisbon a welcoming place for the LGBT community ?

Lisbon is a top place for tourists and visitors who want to enjoy their time. It comes with certain benefits that LGBT the community will enjoy. Lisbon has very friendly locals who don’t discriminate. They accommodate all sexes and open their arms to everybody. Transgenders and all members of the third sex will enjoy this city and make friends with the locals.

Moreover, there are regular pride events and LGBT parties in the city. You will find women who are interested in sex, romance, and friendship. The available bars show the accommodating nature of the beautiful city.

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